Houston's Elite Skin Care
 Quality Strength

We carry only high quality strength products based on clinically proven technology for skin health.

Clarisonic Pro
Never before has a cleansing system provided results like softer; smoother skin; improved tone and texture; reduction of oily areas; dry skin patches and blemished; pores, fine lines appear smaller; closer, smoother shave - especially for men; effectively removes makeup; better product absorption; safe for sensitive and rosacea skin.

Smoothing Gel
10% non-neutralized, non-buffered glycolic gel. Exfoliates while smoothing and toning the skin. Maximizes the effectiveness of other products by facilitating absorption by the skin. Generally used at night.  $31

Simply Clean Cleanser
Soap-free cleanser designed to deeply cleanse pores and stimulate circulation, used morning and night.

Clarifying Cleanser
An advanced AHA blend that deeply cleanses blocked pores and removes oil and dead skin cell buildup on oily or acne prone skin. Used morning and night to cleanse affected areas.

Complex HQplus
Unique combination of hydroquinone 4% USP, AHAs 4% and Vitamin C. Provides gradual bleaching of hyperpigmented skin.

Intense Brightening Complex                                                                                                                                                            Groundbreaking ingredients and proprietary delivery system to significantly reduce the signs of photoaging, rejuvenate the skin and sooth irritation.  It is uniquely formuated with four highly effective brighteners to diminish the appearnace of discolorations without irritating side effects.  Perfect course of treatment during the summer months or when taking a break from Hydroquinone usage.     $61.50

Clarifying Cleanser
Specifically formulated for acne prone skin.  This cleanser contains a blend of acids and round microbeads to gently slough off dead skin cells and debris.  It shleps unclog pores and improves the appearance of damaged skin.

Sheer Physical & Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 (tinited)
Designed for high performance that offers a precise combination of physical blocking Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to maximize UVA/UVB protection. A lightweight and fast absorbing SPF 50.

Blemish + Age Defense
Highly effective, exfoliating treatment for acne prone and/or aging skin.  Specifically created for the concerns of the acne-prone adult, treating imperfections and addressing signs of aging.  This mutli-formula product combats blemishes, treats fine lines, roughness, reduces excess sebum, and prevents hyperpigmentation.

Retinol 0.5 and 1.0

Microencapsulated Retinols are a revolutionary new product containing stabilized retinol in a patented Microsponge delivery system, which allows for even dispersal over an extended period of time. It transforms dry, scaly and impacted skin to smooth, even pigmented moisturized skin.
Retinol 0.5 is $56.50 and Retinol 60 is $65.00

Neova Refining Eye Lift 

A quick penetrating gel-creme that helps reduce puffiness while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.  GHK Copper Peptide Complex nourishes, strengthens, restores skin's radiance, and is a powerful collagen & elastin promotor.  Haloxyl helps reduce under eye circles by increasing the density of skin around the ey area and help to reduce inflammation of capillaries that leads to dark circles.  Added antioxidant protection to help protect against environmental factors.            $59.50